Residential Air Duct Cleaning

American Air and Mold Restorations is one of the leading residential air duct cleaners in town. The following series of steps will ensure that your air system is thoroughly and properly cleaned. Not all steps may apply to your home as every air system is unique.

The air system will be tested for proper operation.
The air handler unit will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
All of the vent registers will be removed and thoroughly cleaned.
The entire air duct system will be cleaned and deodorized.
The vent registers are re-installed and the system is tested for proper operation.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Is your building suffering from sick building syndrome? Consider the benefits below and see why having your buildings air system cleaned can create a healthy, more productive environment.

Clean HVAC systems perform more efficiently to decrease energy costs.
Well-maintained mechanical components last longer, reducing costly HVAC system repairs.
Tenants with employees affected by indoor air pollution may see a reduction in employee downtime/sick days and an increase in productivity.

Before and After Pictures